Possibilities exist in every angle of life

The key to success is the view that success is about learning. Seized the chance becomes the path of growing up. Persons with a fixed mindset think oppositely. They bother too much about being exposed to their insufficiencies. Because of that, they choose to feel smart in the short run. Their behavior is actually to hide or run away from challenges. Their rationalizing is bigger than the courageous heart. That is why they choose to become non-learners and pretend to be happy and satisfied with their lives.

Interestingly, they show no interest in the new information that could help them learn and grow—Vive versa, persons with a growth mindset respond differently. They will pay close attention to the new information that could expand their knowledge and see possibilities. They can process the information with the knowledge that the impossible thoughts could be possible. They view learning as a priority in life. Possibilities exist in every angle of life. It takes only 20 seconds of courage. Life is to grow, and to grow, is to take measurable risks and be happy with all the results. Results of the decision become powerful feedback to adapt and adjust new ways of being, understanding, and intervening.

DR. Rony Kusnadi, Ph.D., LCPC
Notable Life Counseling Services, LLC

verified by Psychology Today

 verified by GoodTherapy.org

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